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Business Manager Dashboards

Business Manager

Take your business online and manage it end to end.
Take control of your Sales, Purchases, Stocks, Production, HR, Payroll & Accounts

Business manager (BM) is a suite of software products used to manage business processes efficiently through real-time reporting and tracking that can give complete control over your business. Business Manager has been designed for dynamic business environments that require unique intelligence capabilities for efficient and enhanced decision making. The key features of the Business Manager Suite are to produce the best output in an effective, organized and intelligent manner.

bm modules

Modules | Business Manager Framework

Business Manager has a number of modules catering to progressing business environments. Each of these modules can be used standalone or as single integrated system giving valuable business information.

  • BM Human Capital Management

    Efficient and effective management of "Human Capital" has always been a challenge for every organiza-tion. The idea is to introduce a flawless system that encompasses all core Human Resource Management

  • BM Financial Management

    Financial Management through BM provides an in depth view of all financial transactions in the organization which includes daily expense management, payable & receivables, payroll, etc.

  • BM Supply Chain Management

    Supply chain management is a cross-functional approach used to manage the movement of raw materi-als into an organization. BM Supply Chain Management helps improve trust and collaboration among supply chain partners.

  • BM Analytical Dashboard

    The Executive Dashboard is a highly efficient and useful module that provides authentic data visualizations & in depth analysis of company wide data.

bm framework

Features & Benefits

The key features of this application are to produce the best output in much effective, organized and intelligent manner. There are many features in this system such as:

  • POS

    The system generates the invoice and reports of the orders

  • Supply chain Management

    Complete customer/supplier database for effective supply-chain management

  • In-depth Order Management

    The orders are managed by the customer information, order date and status.

  • Business partner Management

    Manages information of business partners such as customer & suppliers so to streamline supply chain.

  • Dashboard

    Provides overall visualization and indepth analysis of business processes

  • Online/Web-based system

    Gives users 24/7 access to their business data allowing them to make vital decisions on the go!

  • Secure/Flexible

    Fully Secure system with the latest security policies applied. Robust and Customisable; users can define their products in great depth