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  • Pakistan
    Tel: +92 42 5850840
    Email: info@hookedtech.com
  • Singapore
    Tel: +65 92308689
    Email: infosg@hookedtech.com
About Hooked

Company Overview

"most optimum implementation and resource plans"

Our core aim is to simplify your life by using technology. We want people to use technology because of its simplicity and output and not get confused by unnecessary complexity. Whoever you are and whatever business industry you are in, technology can help you achieve the desired result in a suitable cost and limited timeframe. We believe in sturdy solutions that are sustainable in the long run, are easy to use and do not require costly upkeep. Technology is for everyone and we at Hooked are here to make sure everyone understands that and makes the most out of it.

The Hooked Tech Team

At Hooked Technologies, we have a team of highly self-motivated, skilled people with the vision of portraying IT as the essential backbone of an industry. At Hooked Technologies, our strategy is to focalize on the emerging young talent and expertise and employ their services in the best possible manner.