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About Hooked

Technology Branding

"TechART ; understanding a tech brand through its target market"

Having a technology brand that means something in the eyes of consumers usually determines the worth and whether a consumer will spend a certain amount of money for it. Consumers will not buy from companies that do not have a good brand image, especially in technology markets where the products are relatively complex and often hard to understood. Consumers will always go for trusted brands. All powerful brands provide trust and high returns to consumers. Strong brands can often be worth more than the net asset value of the business enterprise.

Technology brands are tricky, no matter how good of a technology product or service you may offer there is always a gap between you and your market. The company may have to solely depend upon word-of-mouth which is no more the case in the modern online world. There is much choice and accessibility and you should have the presence of being state of the art for a better out reach. Your brand should not only look as good but also should say exactly what it does in a nut-shell.

This is a delicate process and we at Hooked Technologies call it TechART where we understand how exactly a particular tech brand should be presented by studying its target market. How should its audience be provided with the much needed information they want enabling them to critically analyze your competence and above all keeping it simple yet presentable.